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The Flo Story

The idea of Flo Superfoods started after many years of regular visits to various health food stores and shopping online for healthy snacks including Bounce Energy Balls, Quest Bars, etc. These pre-packaged, convenient, energy and protein filled snacks are perfect for on the go and could easily be added to my lunch box or purse to help fuel my day.

But over time the idea of creating my own raw and vegan snacks that were full of goodness made more and more sense because getting my hands on healthier snack options was starting to get pricey. Buying energy and protein bars from the many health food and grocery stores and purchasing one bar can cost anywhere between £2 – £4 pounds. Plus many of them may have additives and preservatives and aren’t as ‘clean’ as they appear.  So I started making my own nutritious raw snacks and experimenting with different recipes and flavours.

Then in January 2015 I thought why not provide these DIY mixes I created for others to enjoy. Making a fresh batch of energy bars or balls at your own convenience and having them ready to go was something I thought others would love! So after going back and forth with the idea, recipes and name. Flo Superfoods was finally created.

Flo Superfood mixes are raw, nutritious and free from nasties. Our mixes are easy to make and can be enjoyed anytime you need a nutritious pick-me-up, post-workout recovery fuel or to kick those afternoon cravings.

Try our mixes today!