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Raw Cacao Chia Hemp Ball Mix

A delightful blend of cacao, chia seeds and hemp protein to curb your chocolate cravings with a clean superfood hit. These balls will give you the energy kick you need whether it’s pre-work out or to get you through your day. They are healthy, delicious and nutritious.

Raw Power-Up Protein Ball Mix

A tasty cookie dough flavoured mix filled with raw cacao, cashews and raw vegan protein. These balls are filled with honest ingredients and will leave you wanting more. They contain a raw plant-based protein, perfect for fitness enthusiasts to help build and repair muscle tissue for a strong healthy body.

Raw Superseed Bar Mix

A delicious superfood blend of nuts and seeds. They are the perfect nourishing snack to help kick cravings, keep your metabolism fired up and reboot energy levels. These bars contain raw cacao nibs and are bursting with super seeds that are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.

High energy foods that are packed full of goodness 

Our mixes contain nutritious raw ingredients to boost your lifestyle with protein, good fats, vitamins, and minerals. 

If you are looking for high protein snacks that will boost your nutritional profile with wholesome, honest superfoods, Flo is your answer. We create clean, nutritious, superfood mixes that you can use to create the perfect raw snacks with minimal effort. 

They are simple and easy to make. Our mixes require only water and dates to make delicious bars or balls ready for the perfect snack on the go to fuel your busy week. Add them to your lunches or throw them in your gym bag or purse, ready to fight off hunger and sugar cravings.

As they are free from preservatives, they’ll store well in the fridge for up 7 days or place them in an airtight container and place them in the freezer for several months. 

Each product contains nuts, seeds and other plant-based goodness which have essential micro and macro-nutrients. They’re a simple way to get an all-in-one flavour and nutrition hit, delivering a range of vitamins and minerals in one bite. Each mix contains highly beneficial superfoods that will have you looking and feeling great! 

It couldn’t be any easier to order high protein snacks online 

To order Flow Superfoods online, simply add your favourite products to your basket and complete the checkout process. Once you’ve placed your order we’ll dispatch it within 24 hours. Depending on where you live - whether in the UK or abroad, you’ll be sure to have your superfood mix on your doorstep in barely any time at all. 

If you’re not satisfied with our products or they get damaged during shipping, simply send us an email containing your order number and feedback and we’ll either refund your money or send you out a new batch free of charge.